Where are our glass items made?
In our store, over 90% of the items are made in our studio. The remaining items are handmade by artist friends of ours who are glassmakers and make amazing work. Online, we only offer our own creations. If you've seen an item in our store and can't find it online, shoot us an email. We'll see what we can do

Do we ship internationally?
Yes. Anywhere Canada Post connects to your local postal service.

Are our works signed?
Yes. Our works are signed by the studio (Three Crow Glass/Les Trois Corbeaux) 
Exception are  jewelry and overly thin ornaments. 

Do we do glass repairs?
No. Such endeavours are extremely precarious and seldom succeed because of all the unexpected variables of glass.

Do we offer classes?
No. We are not opposed to the idea but we are so busy with production that we have no studio time for anything else.

Do we do custom orders?
No. Again, the production of our items takes up all of our studio time. A custom order would imply a halt to our own production.
Keep in mind that even though your order might not be customized, it is handmade by artisans and therefore - unique .